MIKA - Necklace/Bracelet (358GTL)

MIKA - Necklace/Bracelet (358GTL)

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Bracelet with several turns that can also be a short necklace with only two turns. The sphere opens in the middle (round magnetic clasp). Made in Portugal with high quality portuguese cork.

Color: Grey with a teal hue

Clasp: Magnetic zamak clasp

How to care for cork products:

- Cork is naturally waterproof. To clean cork items in the natural cork color (beige), use a damp cloth with mild soap (e.g. dish soap). To clean cork items in any other color, just use a damp cloth with no soap.

What is zamak?

- Zamak is a great quality hypoallergenic metal designed for sensitive skin. It keeps the skin clean and healthy, because it does not stain and it does not deteriorate with time. Lighter than steel, zamak jewelry are very comfortable, attractive and tough.