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Hexagon (vase/box)

Sale price€ 40.00

The hexagon is surprisingly present in many parts of nature: snowflakes, beehives, corals, crystals... This is the inspiration behind "Hexagon", a set of two small cork pots in different sizes that can be used as:

1 - two separate vases
2 - on top of each other as a tiny vase with a secret compartment on the bottom
3 - on top of each other as a box (with the smallest pot turned upside down)

Made in Portugal with high quality portuguese cork.

Color: Burned cork


The cork oak tree regenerates its bark, allowing for sustainable harvesting every 9 years without damaging the ecosystem.


Cork is composed of up to 90% air, giving it an incredibly low density that makes it lightweight.


A substance called suberin in cork cells provides a natural water-resistant barrier, preventing liquids from penetrating.


Cork is a renewable, biodegradable material harvested from the bark of cork oak trees without harming the tree.