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Rustic Cork Bowl

Sale price€ 30.00

Stripped directly from the cork oak trees, these natural bowls are the perfect decorative item to create beautiful and warm environments. They can be used as a catchall tray, a fruit bowl, a center piece with decorative items, live air plants, or dry food like cookies and nuts. Origin: Portugal's cork oak forests

Each bowl has its own unique shape, so sizes may vary:

Number 4 = 12 x 16cm | 4.72 x 6.29in
Number 6 = 16 x 22cm | 6.29 x 8.66in
Number 8 = 18 x 30cm | 7.08 x 11.81in
Number 10 = 23 x 38cm | 9.05 x 14.9in
Number 12 = 27 x 45cm | 10.6 x 17.7in
Number 14 = 45 x 35cm | 17.1 x 13.8in


Cork Rustic Cork Bowl - Cork and Company | Made in Portugal | Vegan Eco-Friendly Fashion
Rustic Cork Bowl Sale price€ 30.00


The cork oak tree regenerates its bark, allowing for sustainable harvesting every 9 years without damaging the ecosystem.


Cork is composed of up to 90% air, giving it an incredibly low density that makes it lightweight.


A substance called suberin in cork cells provides a natural water-resistant barrier, preventing liquids from penetrating.


Cork is a renewable, biodegradable material harvested from the bark of cork oak trees without harming the tree.